Do Not Drive With A Broken Tail Light

You are driving in the expressway at night and suddenly, you notice a police car is behind you, signaling you to pull over. You wonder what offense you could have committed. Were you speeding? Or were you illegally switching lanes over a solid line?

When you pull over and were asked to step outside the car, the police pointed you to your broken tail light. You tell the policeman you do not know how the light got busted yet he would not hear it. It is illegal to actually drive with a broken tail light because it is dangerous.

In most countries all over the world, the government prohibits driving when your car has a dysfunctional rear light. The government knows the danger of driving without a functional light.

The driver of the cars behind you will not be able to know when you are indicating such as when you are braking or coming to a full stop, if your lights are broken. You do not want to risk causing serious accident that is why every single time you leave your house, you must first always check if your lights are intact and functioning.

If you are wondering what constitutes a broken light, realistically, it is broken if the police says it is. If there is white light coming out instead of red, the casing may be cracked or broken. You will have to replace it. You can purchase the casing in some junk shop if you want to save money (assuming your vehicle is of common kind and) or at car parts shops.

Usually, when you get pulled over, you will get a citation or a ticket. You may even be let go with only just a warning. If not, then you will have to pay the fine accordingly.

Sometimes, the lights are not broken. You just need to replace the old bulbs with a new one. You can have this done or you can do it yourself. If you only need to change bulbs, then you will not have to spend so much.

Bulbs are relatively cheap and if you do it yourself, you can save a bundle. However, if you are not sure of what to do, it is best to let the professionals or the company where you bought the car do it for you.

Remember that it is illegal to drive with broken tail lights. Always be observant and always look at your car before driving off.

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